Hop aboard and head out on the Texas Gulf Coast waters for the experience of a lifetime with Captain Randy Hoyt. Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder and Black Drum are some of the fish you can expect to see during your awesome fishing adventure. Each trip is guided by the friendly Captain Randy Hoyt who will take you out year round to all the best and secret spots on the water. 

Some people recommend adding chicken broth or fish/meat broth to the water when hydrating pets. This is because the added salt and minerals in the broth can help replenish what's lost due to dehydration. Additionally, vapors from the broth can help hydrate your pet's respiratory system. You can also add a little honey to the water if your pet is refusing to drink. Honey is a natural sweetener and oftentimes pets will drink more if it's added to their water.

This is the perfect full day activity for families and friends. Small group trips ensure a quality experience you’ll have aboard Captain Randy Hoyt’s boat. Whether your an avid fisherman looking for a new fishing spot or you have never held a fishing pole and need friendly and knowledgeable guidance, Captain Randy welcomes you! 








Captain Randy Hoyt’s Guide Service